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  • Is it necessary to book cruises in advance?

    Bookings are not necessary for NIOMARU Course large boat cruises, but you will receive a 10% discount if you do book online in advance.
    We are currently holding a “Reiwa Campaign,” so if you book online in advance now, you will receive a further 10% discount!

  • Am I guaranteed a seat on the boat if I book in advance?

    During the Golden Week spring holidays and other busy periods when crowding is anticipated,
    we limit the number of passengers on each cruise for safety’s sake.
    Passengers are boarded in the order they have lined up on the pier,
    so in some cases we may add extra services or put passengers on a later service. (The number of services is increased during busy periods.)

  • Do I need another ticket to access the upper level?

    There is a “green fee” for admission to the upper level, including the outside deck.
    [Adults (Junior high school students and above): 600 yen; Children (elementary school students): 300 yen; Infants (pre-school aged children): free of charge (Discounts do not apply.)]
    For safety reasons, children of elementary school age or younger may not ride on the upper level unaccompanied, so please ensure that young children are accompanied by a guardian.

  • Are there any days when your services do not operate?

    Our services operate all year round. However, in the event of a typhoon or other situation in which we cannot ensure passengers' safety, services are canceled.

  • Is there a cruise timetable?

    Our regular-service large pleasure boats ordinarily depart on cruises at one-hour intervals between 9:00 and 16:00 (15:00 in winter).
    Extra services are added during the Golden Week spring holidays and other busy periods when crowding is anticipated.

  • About how long does a cruise around the bay take?

    The regular-service large pleasure boat NIOMARU Course takes 50 minutes.
    Various other courses are also available, so please check this website, telephone us, or ask staff on the day of your visit for details.

  • How many people can the boats carry?

    Our large boats carry 300–400 people, while our medium-sized boats carry 50–90 people.
    Click here to see descriptions of each boat.

  • Can I take my pet with me on the boat?

    It is possible to take your pet on board with you if it is secured inside a carrier so that its head does not protrude.
    (We have a limited number of carriers for small dogs available that pet owners can borrow free-of-charge from the ticket window.)
    Seeing-eye dogs and other service dogs may accompany you on board freely without them being confined to a carrier.

  • Is it possible to take wheelchairs or baby prams/strollers aboard?

    Yes, wheelchairs and baby prams/strollers can be taken aboard as-is.

  • Are the boats equipped with toilets?

    Yes, the large and medium-sized boats are all equipped with toilets, but the small-sized boats do not have toilets.

  • Do you have a car park?

    Our pleasure boat operation does not have a car park. Please use a nearby toll car park.

  • Where can I buy cruise tickets?

    Cruise ticket offices can be found in four locations around Matsushima-chonai.
    For details, please see the “Access to Pleasure Boats|Cruise Ticket Offices” section on this website.

  • How do I arrange for a group(15 people or more)to participate in a cruise?

    If you make the booking online, we will telephone you to confirm the booking details,
    so please be sure to provide the name, telephone number, and preferred time slots for us to contact the group representative.

  • What payment options are available?

    If you are paying at the ticket window on the day of your cruise, please pay using either cash or PayPay.
    With regard to payment for group bookings and bookings through a travel agency, please telephone us to confirm the payment method.

  • How do I cancel my booking?

    Please contact us by telephone, fax, or e-mail during working hours by the day before the cruise you booked.
    Ordinarily, we do not charge a cancellation fee, but we may do so in the case of special events.