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This website (hereinafter referred to as this “Website”) is operated by Matsushima Shima-meguri Kigyo Kumiai (hereinafter referred to as the “Kumiai”). When using this Website, please acknowledge the following contents in advance.


  • All information published on this Website is subject to the Japanese Copyright Act and copyright protection under international conventions. You are not allowed to use such published information beyond the scope permitted by law, such as the reproduction of any of the published information for private use.
  • Any act that violates the Copyright Act or any other law is prohibited, such as the reproduction, modification, reprint, sale, and publication of this published information without the authorization of the original author.


  • The Kumiai shall not assume any liability for any damage incurred by you resulting from the use of the various information obtained through this Website and other websites linked to this Website.
  • All information published on this Website is current as of the time of publication, and after publication, the titles and contents thereof may be changed or deleted without advance notice or the published information may become inconsistent with actual information with the passage of time.
  • Please note that the Kumiai may, without advance notice, change or delete the published information, configurations, conditions of use, URL, and content of this Website and that the Kumiai may, without advance notice, suspend or discontinue the operation of this Website.
  • The Kumiai shall not, for any reason whatsoever, assume any liability for damage arising from any change to information on this Website and the suspension or discontinuation of the operation of this Website.
  • The Kumiai provides no warranty that this Website will not be suspended, that it is error-free, that defects will be remedied, and that this Website or its server is free from viruses or other hazardous materials.

Prohibited Matters

In using this Website, the Kumiai prohibits any act that falls under the following items:

  • An act that interferes with or obstructs the operation of this Website or the Kumiai
  • An act that causes, or is likely to cause, any trouble, disadvantage, or damage to the Kumiai or any third party
  • An act that infringes, or is likely to infringe, the property and privacy of the Kumiai or any third party
  • An act that violates, or is likely to violate, laws and regulations or public order and morals
  • An act that relates to, or is likely to relate to, a criminal act
  • An act of using information obtained through this Website for commercial purposes
  • Any other act that the Kumiai deems inappropriate

Matters Concerning Linked Websites

  • Other websites linked from this Website should be managed at the responsibility of the respective operators; therefore, the Kumiai does not guarantee the content of the linked websites. In addition, the Kumiai shall not assume any liability for any trouble or damage that arises when using such linked websites.
  • Setting a link to other websites does not imply that the Kumiai recommends the linked websites and the contents thereof and does not imply that there is a special relationship between the Kumiai, this Website, and the linked websites.

Handling of Personal Information

For the handling of personal information, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

Unless otherwise specified, the use of this Website and the interpretation and application of these Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Safety Policy

For the safety policy, please refer to the Safety Policy.

Scope Governed by the Validity of These Terms

These Terms apply to all the data stored on all servers necessary for the operation of this Website and all content composed of that data.

If there is anything unclear, please refer to the FAQs or contact the Kumiai.

Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your booking, please contact us by e-mail, phone, or facsimile during our reception hours no later than the day before the day of the cruise you booked.

Ordinarily, the Kumiai will not charge a cancellation fee for the cruise fare.
(The Kumiai may charge a cancellation fee in the case of special events.)